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Sudz Rare Anonymous Art

She gives her Whole Heart

Dedicated to yet another friend who has along the path of life inspired me, and I have seen her evolve and discover herself.

She’s Skinny She’s Boney but she has the strength of a Bengal Tigress

She nurtures She cares she organises with the vision of a Profess

She’s hyper and it’s hard to match her energies

She’s efficient and you can never beat her synergies

She walks with grace and she will command and beckon

Take it home décor or personal adorn, she is the style Icon

Once you put it on her you can rest in peace

Coz she will bring everything to life piece by piece

I admire her in so many ways she never really knows

She is my Bengali tigress and she has taught me my bong roars.

It’s a school get together, all new mums are joining, we are waiting at this beautiful café, and I see her walk in. Skinny and yet she has her presence. Typical Bengali dusky flawless complexion with those big bong eyes, stylish scarf around her neck and skirt flaring and flaunting in grace. My heart rings a bell, this will be a long friendship my heart dongs.

All the ladies gather, there’s so much chatter and so much laughter. She carries this hyper energy so the whole surrounding around her simply soars and flies in her charisma. I ask her to continue being the International Day rep and she is more than happy to, saying that due to previous years’ cancellation she was unable to create what she was looking forward to. Phew! I feel like wow, never met someone in years who was so happy doing thankless jobs with more sincerity, zest, honesty and super creativity than her.

As we start to meet for the decoration discussions, I simply am blown away by her super creative ideas – classy choices and the zest to not simply talk her ideas but to actually bring them to reality, carrying our every bit of her responsibility beyond spoken. It is during this time that I get to see how she is also involved with a group of ladies at SILC, who are into selfless service for the less privileged. What steals my heart is that she never put anything less for the less privileged, in fact she put in more for those kids less privileged, she brightens the hearts and lives of everyone irrespective of whether they hold less or more than her.

In our Arthiti Angels she is the burning flame, whose warmth is felt by everyone. When its her turn she teaches us jewellery, Oh! how greedy I get in that session to create more pieces for myself to take home, every jewellery piece puts as sample for us is a class apart, I marvel then how can anyone be so good at everything? She joins this art studio, she is ever ready to learn more to grow, in that I slowly see this artist bloom, her work on paper ceramic glass wood cane basket jewellery anything at all & paintings speak of her creative genius. How can she manage it all. By the way she can paint anything from wood to ceramic to cane to canvas to even your mood, yes she can color you with her humility, simplicity and enthusiasm – her energies are unbeatable.

The way she keeps her home, the way she handles her responsibilities, she manages three generations keeping each one happy and yet has time to learn and grow. She inspires. IF you have not seen her work, you have missed the humblest artist, who is unaware of her own potential. She once told me, she spells ART as ANONYMOUS RARE TREASURES … her pieces are truly rare.

At times I would feel exhausted coz my energies never matched hers, and yet today when we are not together I miss us together and our heART TALKS and FEATS… Sudz I will not mention her age – she is ready to hunt you as tigress if you press on that hahahhaha… she is older than me yet in energies and creativity she is a child who is unbeatable and ready to learn and absorb everything around.

How blessed am I to have walked along the long journey with such amazing artists and inspirations around me, my blog is simply my salutation and gratitude for my girls, who have left their foot prints that I can only marvel at each day. These are unsung heroes, and they don’t need villains to make them appear as heroes. You do not need to be known by the world to feel happy , you simply need to know your inner world to discover how happy you are. Giving our Story Sudz.. Hope you don’t hunt me down tigress…

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Instagram: suzart_space

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