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Real Face

Real Face

The seed needs to be embedded deep under and until it has the strength to withstand the harshness of the surface it keeps growing within does not surface on outside. However it does surface once it’s ready to test its own power to survive.

A fetus needs to grow nine months deep within the womb until it has what it takes to face the harness of the world. However once capable it does come out to face the challenges of the world to test its power to face.

During meditation we also need to withdraw our senses to go into deep introversion to re-ignite the flame of soul’s original qualities of eternal peace, love, bliss, joy & accumulate the powers, but the real test of Peace, Love & Bliss is not when we are in best of physical, emotional, financial, or social comforts but rather when we are challenged in each of these all at once and yet we can draw from within what we accumulated during our meditation.

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