Sublime Grace


by : Neelu

You are symbolic, You are Majestic

You are the king; you dance so Ecstatic

You walk with your head held high

Your colours bring on earth the rainbow sky

You epitomize royalty & walk in Grace

Your feathers are worship worthy always

Your beauty is unmatched your purity Divine

O peacock you are nature’s marvel Sublime!


This is “KATHARLI” my own creative innovation blending Warli and Kaatha. These folk arts are so intricate, tedious and yet so full of life and earthy. The artisans who paint murals and stitch kaatha are simple nomadic tribes who are joyous in  their life with just what is needed to survive and make sense of life, their work never raises their standard of living it only raises the standard of living of the ones that buy them, these artisans remain earthy, simple grounded and true to their work finding joy in what they have. My little innovation is my tribute to all these tireless artists and unsung maestros.


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