Neon Whirlpools Lotus


By : Neelu

Neon Neon Shimmers and pools

Life is swirling in full on rolling drools.

One such trouble pool – if you feel stuck

All your eyes see around is yuck and muck.

Rise O Soul Rise over the challenge high

Capture the view from afar in the sky.

Over and above it you only see the whole view

Then rise above the challenge to start renew.

For the traffic of the neon whirlpool is a sheer beauty

Only when your mind is capable – to rise over issues petty.

Acrylic & Mixed Media

Water color sheet

370×270 cms

300GSM Sheet

This is Kaatha Effect and my realization is that it is so challenging for fingers , hats off to those millions of artisans who are spending years to create beautiful fabric of kaatha for us to adorn bodies and homes. If drawing felt so challenging stitching would feel million more.

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