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Priti the Peaceful Being, Who has found Life’s meaning !

Blog dedicated to Priti Dhongdi, I hold her so close to my heart – the spiritual partners, the soul sisters we are. It’s not about what you have, it’s what you can do with what you have that defines your spiritual wisdom. This blog and my dearest friend Priti is a living sample of this.

More than a decade ago, I had set my foot on the path to self-rediscovery. One such summer afternoon, I walked in the hotel lobby, it was my first day at the art of living course, the happiness course. It was beautiful posh surrounding, some known faces and most of them are unfamiliar faces. I was a little hesitant a little awkward, and little apprehensive. I decided to simply stick around the few known faces. We began registering outside. There she walked in with few quilted mattresses.

Dark Dusky Curly haired with deep set leafy eyes. Smiles of a real charmer, and voice of a baby soother. She looked at me and I looked at her, she smiled and walked straight to me, asking if i needed help. It was then i just knew we were meant to be friends forever. In that connect all was taken care of

Three days she was a sevadhari and I was the student yet our exchanges were deep calming and refreshing, it’s as if I had found a soul sister in her that I was yearning for. I don’t remember a thing of what I may have done in my course but our interactions had begun to set me free from all that i was wanting to be liberated from. We spent a lot more time together during our kriya practices. The first feel of art i had was when i visited her home, every corner was tastefully decorated , simple and yet very warm and rich looking, of course not to forget I ate the best Maharashtrian food ever since moving to Bangkok. Not just this we started our Nagpur Diaries, too since we both belonged to Nagpur.

Warm times and enriching interactions had to pause, separation inevitable, they moved to Korea. Now this is when she began the journey of that dormant artist within her, and soon enough she ahd found that soaring season – right season and the nourishment to finally flow in her art. I briefly remember she had shared her few water color paintings of flowers, i was in awe of the delicate strokes and the soothing colors.

Three years the artist in her found the season to bloom in her Korean diaries. She painted the most soothing cherry blossoms. . Then one Summer approaching i heard from her that they are moving back to Bangkok. I knew then that we were meant to walk a few more steps together for sure.

Bangkok diaries got their new pages and stories. We were together with Art-Tithi our soul Art group, We learnt to [pant bamboo with Chinese ink That session was a blast of art fun in a very creative room full of art vibes. She has it all in her bag, she cares, she nurtures she serves and she learns. A heart of gold that she held, Priti taught the underprivileged some art at Mercy Center every week.

And through this all I admired in her the learner, she attended so many workshops across the globe with renowned artists to enhance her skills to learn from everyone and everything. She had her paintings exhibited at international shows, at International and National art galleries across the globe, she is known and is famous, and yet for me she remains a humble friend, a spiritual partner, and no matter where she moves on she carries the same aura of a woman who inspires greatness and is also inspired by the greatness in others around her.

Here she is for you all to know – I never had the chance to tell her what she holds for me but this is my ode to the woman in her to the learner in her, to the server in her, to the carer in her to the nurturer in her and salute to the artist that she has discovered within her, while living all duties and responsibilities with the most charming smiles and humor. The Dark, Petal eyed, dusky, smiling lady in the montage with her work my friends – read on !

Instagram – Priti Dhongadi
Facebook – Priti Dhongadi, Page – Kids Watercolor.

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