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Pick on me – Who me? Yes You!!! Couldn’t Be… Then Who?????


I feel peaceful when I am surrounded by nature – here the peace belongs to vibes of nature.

I feel peaceful listening to this song – here the peace belongs to the vibes of that music.

I feel peaceful in this temple – here the peace belongs to vibes of that temple.

I feel peaceful with these friends – here the peace belongs to the vibes of those people.

I feel at peace when I am alone – here the peace belongs to the silent vibes of the surrounding.

In all above situations the state of peace of mind is temporary and dependent on outside factors.

How is this possible – because when you went to each of these – in a non-peaceful state of mind they did not complain or get influenced by your disturbance, rather each of them radiated peace to you so you felt better, nature didn’t complain it pacified you, the song didn’t complaint it soothed you, temple calmed you, friends solaced you, surroundings supported you.

Peace is within and when recognized and accepted as a personal property then we don’t look for it everywhere we simply drop it everywhere for others to pick on it.

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