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Monika Baldwa

To Every Girl/Woman who has Inspired at least one life around – my salute and my effort to feature them in my BrushPen&Bowl Stories. Coz after all it’s not just my story is Our stories – we create them as we live them. Monika’s Art Corner is a Covid-19 Baby that took 9 years maybe to be born – but hey it’s worth all the time – coz it is born healthy and happy. Read her story and get inspired. 

She walks in standing tall with grace and elegance. Beaming Smiles and a simple girl next door vibe. I know from that vibe – hey we’re a tribe. Us 8 and our little art group called “Arthiti- Angels”. She joins and becomes a part – she adds her little touches every time we meet to learn a new simple home art. She is a home maker – she has the three most beautiful girls – a doting husband and a supportive ma in law. I see her play all her roles with ease. She has her priorities set.  She loves cooking for the family, has travelled countries and has learnt along the way to adjust to accommodate and to adapt to the people place and food, retaining her own classy taste and simplicity and desi swag. The way she plays a wife and mother is endearing. She makes home worth every minute. She’s happy doing the mother wife daughter in law duty. She’s content making her nest a place to return to for every member of the family. I just Love to see her and talk my heart to her and she talks her heart to me… well at least that’s why I believe so.

She is a little hesitant initially so first few sessions we simply meet; we grab a few bites of each one’s share of a dish we have not spent time discussing & planning. Then we get on with our art session. She is not even aware of what a great artist she is within. But I know it that if we connected and we loved each other then the only connect is that anonymous artist within each of us that is not craving fame name glory the easy and fast money making way. We’re all simply together coz we love learning and growing and are not on a pedestal of supercritical superficial hyped art feats. Ours is heART talks and heART surgeries – hahahha yes that’s what I can call it coz they are lifesaving moments for heARTY friends.

Every session we learn a new art – from bleach printing on old cloth to jewellery making – to lipstick making to painting to potting etc. She gets her turn graciously and we enter her haven. She sets a vibe of warmth and we soak in it. She takes pride to show every piece Anushka her eldest one makes, we are floored. She says Anushka is a great artist at home. Well she is still unaware at this moment she’s the great one herself. She has cooked some finger-licking food for us we eat and start with our candle decorating. She makes hers too – and her piece speaks volumes of that great hidden artist within, but she is humble and unaware of herself. She admires all our pieces. We leave happy with our own candles. 

Comes her second turn and we eat the most aromatic food and quickly start decorating our own transparent plastic Diwali decors – she has arranged all beautiful materials. Now her piece she makes has a mandala vibe to it. She’s still unaware of it and it is so beautiful. I see her work and I see that hidden and humble artist within.  She’s embarrassed with praises but loves them. 

Soon the group disintegrates, our ladies transfer with husband’s jobs and move on and we remain where we are, but never find the perfect match to continue the group, however our friendship continues. We meet now for almost a decade and miss our arthiti angels. Then the climax thunders one summer.

March 2020 – The Covid -19 lockdown happens. That artist within finds the season – the perfect season to bloom. She makes a few mandalas to pass her time. They are eye catchy pieces just like her eyes. Here unravels and blossoms the real Mandala artist, who has finally created her story – she makes every piece better than earlier, she is loving it and she is meditating doing it. She’s a peace-house for the family in the most un-peaceful time. She has discovered within her the true purpose, her story and she’s a hero in her own story not a victim. 

She’s so dear to me, I don’t know what place I hold in her heart, for me she’s a real hero, coz she is growing, she is learning, she is discovering most of all she is making every bit of life count as a blessing for herself and family. She is holding her fortress like a tigress – and being that vortex of love and dedication. She is well supported coz she is easy going – she is honest and she is simply wanting to bloom – it’s not the other way round.

So from my desk here’s the Mandala Stories – until the next one let’s support her. Check her latest mesmerizing Mandala pieces at Monika’s Art Corner on FB and Insta.  

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  1. Superbly written ! Beautiful relation with her role play of a happy content wife ,mom , daughter in law & mandala artist ! Love how you explain the heART connection between the two of you ! Kudos for all this encouragement , love & appreciation for the Artist !!

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