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Don’t Mock – These are Jewels….at this crossroad

These are Jewels

Sooner or later we all arrive to a cross-road where we have already finished our task of accumulating & sorting outside worldly information, worldly things and worldly relations. At this crossroad we have no choice but to begin our journey inwards and begin radiating – therefore we begin to tap on inner information of who we are & what are we doing here, inner riches of what we have and how we have to use it, and inner relationship with self and Supreme to begin journey towards radiating.

You may come across many such souls around you who have begun their journey inwards and are no more debating with you on world issues, no more sharing with you the fads of accumulating riches, no more following you and your urges to dwell on strained relationships. These souls have begun their healing already. So if you cannot value them then don’t mock them or criticize them either, because matter of fact is they are no different from you, only difference could be that they have reached already where you are going to reach soon.

Life is a journey and a full circle… if this is true then so is this.

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