By : Neelu

Pineapple Beet Rassam

In grinder make paste of pineapple and par boiled beet root taking half cup of each

Make tomato paste 1 cup

In wok take 2 tablespoons ghee, splutter Rai seeds, red dry chilly and curry leaves.
Put tomatoe paste and cook for few minutes.
Add two tablespoon Rassam masala.
Salt and Gur to taste
Add pineapple Beet paste
Add 5 cups water
Add coriander root
Boil for good fifteen twenty minutes.
Add coriander to garnish

Beet Idli

3 cups idli rice
1 cup Urad dal
Soaked overnight and grind to paste.
Allow 8 to 10 hour fermentation.

Grate par boiled beet and add to idli batter with salt as desired
Add Eno fruit salt 1 teaspoon

Pour in greased Idli mold and steam for twenty minutes.

Serve hot.

Red Riding Hood is yummy tangy and too good but hey never without a boat full of gratitude.

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