Boil one litre Milk and add few drops of vinegar until it curdles, turn off the flame, wash and drain water and knead the Chhena/cottage cheese with lower palms, to smooth dough.

Make balls with light hands, about one inch balls.

Take 3 glass water and 1 glass Sugar and boil it, add these balls and cover tight for at least twenty minutes.

The rasgolla Balls will swell in sugar joy and become nice huge white full moons.

Cool it.

Rabri – boil two litres milk until its half litres thick rabri but still flowy. Don’t add sugar. If need it sweet maybe can add a tablespoon maple syrup. Add elaichi/cardamom powder for aroma.

Kesari Tokri –

Take ripe Mangoes and make fresh pulp with kesar to give it the aroma and kesari color.

Cut the full moon Golla into half – Put a spoon of mango pulp and pour a spoon of Rabri.

OOOFFFFF serve it quick and gulp it like you’re taking the moon ride.

It’s to live for a million loveful moonlights.

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