By :Neelu

No need for any bread after you taste these vegan gluten free flat breads, they are flat but they swell in aroma and taste. Fruittaddiction it will be, The new normal.

Fresh one each fruit pulp
Banana pulp
Dragon fruit pink pulp
Passion fruit pulp
Kiwi pulp
Keep ready

Flours gluten free

Jowar one cup
Oats flour one cup
Pinch of Himalayan salt
Mixed and divided into three portions

Put one tablespoon banana pulp in all three
Put one tablespoon ghee in all three
Then put enough dragon fruit pulp in one portion to knead to flour to make roti.
Put kiwi in another just enough to knead into dough.
Put passion fruit pulp in third knead to dough.

Make square roti with gentle hands and using dry mixed flour to stop it from sticking.
Use ghee on tava to cook on both sides.

Remaining pulps blend to make Lassi or simply put in ice tray to make fruittty ice.

Serve with hung curd or any vegan curd garnished with salt dry mint and chilli powder.

Eat as bread by making cheese sandwich by warming roti and keeping cheese slice in in between.

Use these as pizza base and just go wild with your imagination to use these flatbread.

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