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Priti the Peaceful Being, Who has found Life’s meaning !

Blog dedicated to Priti Dhongdi, I hold her so close to my heart – the spiritual partners, the soul sisters we are. It’s not about what you have, it’s what you can do with what you have that defines your spiritual wisdom. This blog and my dearest friend Priti is a living sample of this. …

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Pick on me – Who me? Yes You!!! Couldn’t Be… Then Who?????


I feel peaceful when I am surrounded by nature – here the peace belongs to vibes of nature. I feel peaceful listening to this song – here the peace belongs to the vibes of that music. I feel peaceful in this temple – here the peace belongs to vibes of that temple. I feel peaceful …

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Don’t Mock – These are Jewels….at this crossroad

These are Jewels

Sooner or later we all arrive to a cross-road where we have already finished our task of accumulating & sorting outside worldly information, worldly things and worldly relations. At this crossroad we have no choice but to begin our journey inwards and begin radiating – therefore we begin to tap on inner information of who …